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A Letter from the Senior Partner

We are witness to the collision of powerful economic trends that, looking back in years to come, will clearly represent a unique private equity opportunity in Europe and the U.S.

The rise of a true global economy has brought intense competition across regions and domestic markets, eroding the position of the middle market and family-owned firm. Those same forces are also causing large companies to spin off non-core assets in search of higher, more sustainable growth.

At the same time, the economies of the U.S. and increasingly Europe are hatching thousands of new companies each year with the potential - but not necessarily the resources - to become major retailing, manufacturing and service entities.

Finally, the rapid rise of the Internet economy has put enormous pressure on companies of all sizes to access and become energized by the web technology and community that will transform our lives.

In all of this, Plantagenet sees opportunity.

Plantagenet provides high net worth individuals, financial institutions and public and private pension funds with private equity opportunities that help to ensure strong returns with minimal risk. We do this by identifying companies that have first mover advantage and the potential for strong, profitable growth within well-defined market segments.

By infusing capital and management expertise and executing prudent exit strategies to benefit our limited partners, Plantagenet unlocks value that others can't realize.

Since, 1991, we've successfully executed this investment strategy in the United States, the United Kingdom, and most recently, in the European Union. We are committed to continuing to capitalize on opportunities in the European Union as these markets continue their rapid consolidation.

Professional advisors in the U.S. and Europe provide Plantagenet with invaluable insight and expertise in both the identification of investment opportunities and the implementation of exit strategies. These individuals are, in a very real sense, our partners.

C. Derek Anderson

Senior Managing Partner

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